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Vertical Fridges

Pair for greater storage

A vertical or upright fridge and vertical or upright freezer combo are great for large families. These pigeon pair has great capacity than a two in one appliance -- the truly big family fridge.

Suitable storage for your lifestyle

By being able to adjust your fridge door storage in both height and position you can store your condiments and drinks the way you want whatever day it is.

Keeping your fruit & veg fresh

With manual humidity control and an advanced seal system in our FreshSeal crispers, you will always use the freshest ingredients. With vegetables needing high humidity (closed) to ensure they retain moisture and fruit needing low humidity (open) to allow for ethylene gases to escape you need to confirm your humidity control is set for your produce.

Perfect fridge and freezer pairing

Looking to have an extra-large fridge and freezer space, look to pairing a vertical or upright fridge and freezer. The combination of these two appliances truly gives you a large capacity fridge for a large family household.