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Bottom Mount Fridges

Fresher for longer

With an advanced seal system and humidity control, our FreshSeal crisper keeps your fruit and veg fresher for longer. Fruit needs low humidity (open) to allow for ethylene gases to escape, and vegetables need high humidity (closed) to retain moisture. By using humidity control, you will always use the freshest ingredients and reduce food waste.

Storage the way you want

With the FlexStor system you can adjust the door bins to the height and position you need. Whether you need extra height for taller items or need to store items away from smaller family members, it is up to you where they are positioned.

Spills happen

By having a raised edge, SpillSafe Glass Shelves can capture spills before they spread, giving you an easier clean-up. With their glass finish, they allow you to have greater visibility of the spill and the contents of your fridge.

Giving you fresher tasting food

From Bottom Mount to French Door, Westinghouse Fridges & Freezers are designed with practical features, efficient cooling and a simple design that allows your family to create and live with ease and now you can have fresher tasting food.