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This is Aunty. She shows her love via cooking for her loved ones. Sometimes she cooks too much. With the Westinghouse Dark Stainless Steel French door Fridge with Fully Convertible Drawer she is able to save on waste and change it from fridge to freezer at the touch of a button.*

*within 2 hours


Westinghouse Fridge Convertible Compartment

One compartment, any occasion

Our FlexSpace Convertible Compartment has a temperature range from -23C to +7C. With 5 predefined settings to meet your changing needs, you can choose to chill your drinks, freeze your meat or store your deli snacks with a touch of a button*

*within 2 hours


Why do fruit and vegetables need humidity?

Our FreshSeal crispers, have an advance seal system that keeps your fruit and veg fresher for longer. By using the humidity control, you can reduce food waste. Fruit needs low humidity (open) to allow for ethylene gases to escape and vegetables need high humidity (closed) to retain moisture.

Convertible Drawer

Fridge to freezer with one touch

Some days are different and our fully convertible drawer has the flexibility you need. With 5 pre-defined settings you can adjust the drawer, from -23C to +7C our FlexSpace Fully Convertible Drawer adapts to your needs with a touch of a button*.

 *within 2 hours

Fully Convertible Drawer

Readers Digest Winner for Most Trusted Brands Awards Fridges 2022

Readers Digest Winner for Most Trusted Brands Awards – Fridges 2022

Westinghouse Fridges are the proud Winner of the Most Trusted Brands Awards in this category in 2022.

Flexibility when you need it

Flexibility when you need it

Flexstor adjustable door bins allow you to have flexibility in how in which you set out your fridge. You can adjust both the height and position depending on what you need on any particular day.

Slide Back and Flip Up Shelves


Hot days call for ice and water

Some models of our fridges have the convenience of an ice & filtered water dispenser. Allowing you to have both ice and water at the ready when you or your family are thirsty.

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Cooktops for your style

Whether you cook with gas or electric cooktop, we have the one suitable for your style. Now you can reach high temperatures quicker with induction cooking, stop water from boiling over and lock in flavours with high heat on gas.