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Top Mount Fridges

Delicious meals need the freshest ingredients

Paired with an advance seal system, the humidity control within a FreshSeal crisper will keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer. Low humidity (open) is needed for fruit allowing the ethylene gases to escape and high humidity (closed) is needed to retain moisture in vegetables. The system ensures that you have the freshest ingredients and helps you to reduce food waste.

Keeping your fridge clean

Keeping things clean all the time can be a chore, with fingerprint resistant real stainless steel you limit your time needed for cleaning. Just one quick wipe with a damp cloth and you are mark free again.

Energy efficient design

We want to help you reduce your electricity usage and help you to care for the environment around you.  so our range has been designed to be energy efficient*. (Energy ratings and running costs vary by model)

*Designed to meet MEPS AS/NZS4474.

Giving you fresher tasting food

From Bottom Mount to French Door Westinghouse Fridges & Freezers are designed with practical features, efficient cooling and a simple design which allows your family to create and live with ease and now you can have fresher tasting food.