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Chest Freezers

Spring-loaded for easy access

Spring-loaded for easy access

Experience the convenience of a spring-loaded lid design in our chest freezers. The lids are easy to open and close smoothly, so no more struggling with heavy lids. Enjoy effortless access with our spring-loaded lid chest freezers.

Stackable, removable, sliding baskets

Stackable, removable, sliding baskets

Experience the versatility of our chest freezers with stackable, removable, and sliding baskets. These convenient features allow for efficient organisation, customisable storage solutions and easy access to your frozen items. .

Making defrosting your freezer easy

Making defrosting your freezer easy

Simplify the defrosting process with our chest freezers. With a convenient drain and removable trays, excess water can be easily drained, while the smooth interior surfaces make cleaning a breeze. Enjoy effortless freezer maintenance and optimal performance with our chest freezers.


What is a chest freezer?

A chest freezer is a standalone appliance that offers ample frozen storage space for your food items. With a horizontal design and a hinged lid on top, it provides efficient freezing and preservation capabilities. Ideal for long-term storage, a chest freezer is perfect for stocking up on bulk purchases or preserving garden harvests.

What is a hybrid chest freezer?

A hybrid chest freezer combines the benefits of a traditional chest freezer with modern technology. It features dual-zone compartments, allowing you to set different temperature levels for freezing and refrigeration. This versatile appliance provides the flexibility to store frozen goods and keep perishable items fresh, all in one unit.

How to organise chest freezer?

Organizing a chest freezer is simple and efficient. Start by labeling and dating your frozen items for easy identification. Use stackable bins or baskets to group similar items together. Place frequently accessed items near the top and utilize dividers to create separate sections. Regularly declutter and rearrange for optimal organization and easy retrieval.

How long chest freezer last without power?

A well-insulated chest freezer can maintain its frozen contents for up to 48 hours without power, as long as the lid remains closed. This duration may vary depending on factors like ambient temperature and the freezer's insulation quality. Minimize opening the lid to maximize the duration of safe food preservation.

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Not sure a chest freezer is for you and still extra storage space? A vertical freezer may be more suitable to you.You can choose to have a vertical freezer as a stand alone appliance or paired with a vertical fridge giving you a large capacity fridge freezer combo, perfect for a large family household.