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Bar Freezers

Reverse the door, the way you want

Our bar freezers give you the option to choose the way they open. with an easily reversible door you are given the flexibility to adapt your freezer to the space you are placing it in. Whilst you will need a few different tools to make it happen, there are 10 simple steps to have your freezer door opening it the way you want to.

Keeping your freezer storage organised

With clear freezer drawers you are able to easily keep your freezer in order. They give you better visibility of your freezer contents and easy access so you can reduce the time needed to have the door open.

Pocket handle for seamless design

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any space, our bar freezer handle's recessed design has it set back within the top of the door.

The perfect pair

You are able to create a pigeon pair with a bar freezer, giving you the overflow fridge and freezer space you need.

Top FAQs

What temperature should a freezer be?

The Australian Institute of Food Safety recommends storing food in the freezer at -18 °C. Check temperatures periodically to ensure your appliances are at the recommended temperature.

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What is a chest freezer?

These freezers are known as chest freezers because of their large box or chest shape. Chest freezers are considered the most affordable freezers. Available in a large range of sizes to suit your shopping habits, chest freezers are commonly used to free up space in the main freezer and placed in the garage, utility room or basement of a house.

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How can I keep my refrigerator or freezer smelling fresh?

Freshness in your refrigerator or freezer can be affected by how food is stored. Some foods have a strong odour, so be sure to cover them tightly. After you’ve checked how your food is stored, try cleaning the interior of your freezer with a sponge, warm water, and baking soda.

Chest freezer for more storage

With the largest size being close to double the storage capacity as a standard vertical freezer, a chest freezer might be more suitable for your household. Coming in a range of capacity sizes, a chest freezer is perfect for bulk storage.