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Welcome to the realm of home improvement! Whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing one, or just simply looking to upgrade your household appliances, choosing the right products for your home isn’t just about practically, it’s essential to infuse your home with a touch of style and personality.


Selecting the right appliances can add a touch of style and practicality and we’re Happy to Help you choose the right appliances for you with these top tips. 


Functionality redefined

When it comes to selecting household appliances based on functionality, it's important to assess various aspects of your lifestyle and needs to ensure that the appliances you choose align with how you live.


Do you find your evenings fly by in a whirlwind of tasks? Our ovens come with a fast heat up function ensuring you can prepare meals quickly without sacrificing quality. Plus, cooking for the whole household is a breeze with our double AirFry tray so you can whip up healthier meals with minimal oil.


A restful nights sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Drift off peacefully with Sleep Mode, a feature of our split system reverse cycle air conditioners, which automatically adjusts fan speed and temperature to prevent excessive cooling and heating. This comfortable, uninterrupted sleep experience means you can rest easy and wake up ready to conquer the day.


Westinghouse kitchen appliances

*Based on Sleep Mode versus Normal Mode operation of Westinghouse air conditioner unit.


The power of aesthetic home appliances

From mid-century modern, it is important to consider the existing style and design elements of your home. For a cohesive look, you can match the kitchen appliance colour to other elements in your space or choose a contrasting colour for visual interest.


Our Quad Door Fridge 609L Quad Door Fridge (WQE6170BB) comes in a matte black finish, it is a real showstopper that embodies elegance and contemporary style but is easy to wipe away fingerprints due to its finish.  Additionally, it can be seamlessly paired with our dark stainless steel range of ovens.


Kitchen Appliances packed with extra features

While deciding on your appliances, it's important to explore the available features on offer and how they might enhance your lifestyle. Choosing appliances with technology that provides solutions for your everyday life, will enhancing convenience, and efficiency, which can take the stress out of your daily routine, making it more enjoyable.


Take our new split system reverse cycle air conditioners for example. They are equipped with 3D air circulation technology, which ensures optimal comfort for everyone in your home by distributing air in all directions. Plus, the advanced DC Inverter technology offers efficient cooling and heating with less energy consumption* - a win-win for your comfort and wallet.


Meanwhile, our 609L Quad Door Fridge (WQE6170BB) takes organisation and versatility to the next level. Its convertible compartment effortlessly transitions from fridge to freezer at the touch of a button**. With 5 different temperature settings - choose from frozen foods -23C, chilled protein -2C, chilled drinks 0C, deli snacks 3C or chilled wine 7C. We're happy to help keep you organised.

*Based on air conditioners with non-DC inverter technology

** Within 2 hours


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