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Undermount Rangehoods

Clear the air with Hob2Hood

Clear the air with Hob2Hood

The Hob2Hood feature on compatible induction cooktops and rangehoods works by automatically switching your rangehood on when you use your cooktop. It will adjust the fan speed based on what you are cooking, ensuring you never forget to turn it on before it is too late, giving you time to focus on your meal.

low noise levels

Low noise levels

We believe you should be able to cook and hear yourself think, or even have a conversation. That's why we developed a quieter motor that gives you high-speed extraction without the high levels of noise. Our range of integrated or undermount rangehoods deliver sound as low as 49dB whist maxing out at 70dB.

Easy-clean filters

To keep your rangehood looking great and performing well, you need to clean it regularly. For ease and convenience, remove aluminium micro-mesh filters by simply using the tab to pull. They can be washed safely in your dishwasher or hand washed by soaking in warm soapy water.

Low energy, long lasting LED

With just a press of a button, low energy use and a high illumination performance, long-lasting LED lights make it easy to keep an eye on your delicious cooking.

Rangehood Filters – Cook and live in comfort

Rangehood Filters – Cook and live in comfort

For optimum rangehood performance, your filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly. Learn more about rangehood filter maintenance and which filters suit your rangehood.

Dual 60cm cooktops in kitchen setting Dual 60cm cooktops in kitchen setting

Cook with ease and confidence

The 60cm Induction cooktop with BoilProtect gives you a range of features that help you get the most out of your cooktop. With Hob2Hood, BoilProtect and QuickCook Timer for assisted cooking and FlexZone for greater flexibility, you are able to cook with confidence.