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90cm Rangehoods

Clear the air with Hob2Hood

With Hob2Hood technology, compatible rangehoods work seamlessly with your induction cooktop to clear your kitchen of cooking smells and steam. As you turn on your cooktop the rangehood will automatically turn on by intuitively adjusting the fan speed and airflow to match your cooking.

Clearing the air quickly

With powerful extraction rates and low noise levels, our rangehoods keep your kitchen clear of odours, vapours, excess heat and noise.

Recirculate for clean air

In some kitchen designs it is not possible to duct your rangehood to outside, which creates the need to recirculate into your kitchen. Select rangehoods have the ability to do this, we recommend you choose a carbon filters when doing this.

Clear the air with Hob2Hood

The 82cm integrated rangehood in dark stainless steel keeps the air in your kitchen clear with ease. Featuring Hob2Hood, powerful extraction rates of and low level noise you are able to let your rangehood do the work whilst you focus on creating delicious dishes.