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This is Kit. She only likes to see the perfect wonton in her pot. With BoilProtect on her Westinghouse Induction cooktop, Kit can focus on the wonton making without the risk of her pot of water over boiling. The BoilProtect function senses the vibrations of the boiling water and brings it to a simmer.



What is induction cooking?

With induction cooktops, the heat is instant as your pan is heated by a magnetic field instead of a flame or electric element. This makes the pot or pan the heat source not the cooktop surface allowing it to heat up faster and create a safer cooking environment for you and your family.


Do I need new pots and pans?

To ensure your pan is compatible with an Induction cooktop it needs to have magnetic capability. This can be simply tested by placing a magnet on the bottom of your pan to see if it attracts, if so then your pan should work on the cooktop.

How does BoilProtect work?

Available in selected cooktops, BoilProtect works by detecting the rising bubbles in boiling water. When the boiling point it detected, the cooktop will make an acoustic signal and the heat level automatically changes to 5. Allowing you to then adjust the temperature manually.


What is Hob2hood?

On compatible induction cooktops and rangehoods, the Hob2Hood feature will be there to support your cooking, by automatically switching your rangehood on and adjusting it to the setting you need based on what you are cooking. Allowing you to focus on the flavours.

What is Powerboost?

PowerBoost increases the power to your chosen cooking zone, which allows you to reach high heat or rapid boil in quicker than you would if you were to choose the highest temperature setting. It can run for up to 10 minutes, after that the cooktop automatically adjusts back to highest setting.

Wok Stir Fry

Reaching high heat with Gas

With durable brass caps and 19 MJ/h you can bring your wok to high heat with even flame distribution. With high heat you are able to reach boiling point quickly, intensify the flavours and save time when cooking for the family.

Westinghouse air fry cooking oven with steam assist

Get cooking with AirFry

Westinghouse ovens are perfect for when you're cooking up a tasty roast for the family or putting your favourite recipe to the test. Find the right one for you, with features like AirFry, SteamAssist and PyroClean, now you can cook healthier meals and we will help with the cleaning up.