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Induction Cooktops

No more boiling over

Available in selected cooktops, BoilProtect works by detecting the rising bubbles in boiling water.* When the boiling point is detected, the cooktop will make an acoustic signal and the heat level automatically drops to 5. Allowing you to then adjust the temperature manually.

*Applies to stainless steel and enamelled pots filled with water only.

FlexZone gives you room to move

Even the biggest pots and pans can be catered for with FlexZone. Designed with busy family kitchens in mind, FlexZone lets you use two induction zones separately or link them together when you're cooking for a crowd.

Clear air with Hob2Hood

On compatible induction cooktops and rangehoods, the Hob2Hood feature will be there to support your cooking, by automatically switching your rangehood on and adjusting it to the setting you need based on what you are cooking. Allowing you to focus on the flavours.

Cooktops for your style

Whether you cook with gas or electric cooktop, we have the one suitable for your style. Now you can reach high temperatures quicker with induction cooking, stop water from boiling over and lock in flavours with high heat on gas.