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Now you can keep your winter dishes fresher for longer and ensure your leftover Sunday roast makes it to Tuesday’s lunch with the launch of our new Westinghouse 564L French Quad Door Refrigerators.

The launch comes just in time as Aussies are cosier inside their homes and are choosing to cook comforting meals for their families in winter. So, to help you avoid unnecessary trips to the supermarket in the cold, we’ve shared our top tips to maximise the life of your food this winter.

Read on for our tips.

1. Seal in the freshness of your food

Take advantage of the FreshSeal crispers in your Westinghouse 564L Quad Door Refrigerator (WQE5650BA) to maintain the hygiene of your fresh produce and leftovers. This will help keep different ingredients, like meats and fruit, apart for later in the week when you want to transform your mid-week dinner ingredients into a quick and easy lunch option.

It’s a good idea to invest in a container storage system so you can properly seal any loose items, adding labels with dates and descriptions. This will also help you keep your fridge organised so it’s easier to know what food you have and when it needs to be eaten.

The seal assist of our FreshSeal crispers helps prevent moisture loss whilst the humidity slide lets you create the right environment for whatever food you choose to keep. This, paired with the multi-flow airflow system of the fridge, will maintain an even temperature throughout and keep your food fresher for longer.

Storing food and leftovers in new fridge

2. Experiment with dishes and storage

Turning leftovers into a new dish can take practice but be easy once you get into the habit of thinking of new ways to use your leftover food. If you have leftover chicken, you can make a chicken salad or add it to a leftover soup or if you have leftover veggies, chop small and mix them with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

To make it easier to see what you have left over, the new Westinghouse 564L Quad Door Refrigerator (WQE5650BA) comes with eight full-width door bins enabling you to store everything from small jars to tall bottles in visible sight.

Tip: to differentiate these leftovers from new food or ingredients bought, use one side of the doors for what you need to use first, and the other for what can come after.

A woman using stored leftovers for dinner

3. Store with best practice in mind

When storing leftovers, hot food should be placed into shallow dishes or separated into smaller portions to help cool the food as quickly as possible before being placed in the fridge. Meanwhile, leftover raw meat that you didn’t get to cook on the weekend can be most useful during the week when stored on the lowest shelf and preferably, in the drawers of your fridge to minimise cross-contamination.

With two FreshDrawers located under the FreshSeal crispers, your shelves will be clear of any mix-up between what’s leftover and what isn’t. These drawers are perfect for storing your meat, deli and seafood items separate from the rest of your food, maximising the fridge-life of leftover proteins that can be adapted into different recipes midweek.