Like the dishwasher, everyone has their own opinion about how to stack the fridge. And it’s a divisive subject that causes friction in many homes and workplaces – from that frustrating family member who puts the empty carton of milk back in the fridge door, or the unwrapped items which simply appear on the wrong shelf, or the fridge wars that erupt after an office lunch goes missing.

But what does the way you stack your fridge say about you? To get to the bottom of this, we have teamed up with lifestyle psychologist, Martha Tsakalos (The Indigo Project), to create the Australian Fridge Stacking Personality Guide – based on four key personality styles and filled with anecdotes and tips to help you organise your fridge.

Martha Tsakolos says: “The way you stack your fridge says a lot about your personality and approach to food, cooking and life. For example, if your fridge is extremely organised and ordered with nothing out of place, you’re likely to be a type A. However, if you’re more of a creative or a foodie, there will be less organisation but a more diverse range of foods and flavours.”

Stacked with practical tips and tricks – from food goals for each personality, to where to keep the fruit and veggies to keep them crisper for longer – the guide is designed to help busy Australian households maximise fridge space, keep food fresher for longer and make it easier to find things, ultimately reducing chaos, while saving time and money.


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