It’s that time of year again. Your wardrobe is starting to get crowded with a spiralling mix of summer dresses and heavy winter coats, meaning a spring clean is in store. Spring-cleaning your wardrobe is all about tackling your closet and purging it of any seasonally unnecessary clothes taking up valuable closet real estate.

Here at Westinghouse, we know there is limited time to get ahead of freeing up some extra space in your wardrobe. And while it’s important to set aside some quality wardrobe-decluttering time to dedicate yourself to the task, we’ve shared some other handy steps so you can get the whole family involved to tackle the process.

1. Get everything (and we mean everything) out in the open

Start by opening your wardrobe doors and getting everything out in the open where you can see it. By separating and categorising various clothing items, you can look at each with a critical eye before allowing it to stay in your closet.

You can get the kids involved in this too! Getting them to sort garments and gather bags for clothes you’re recycling to op-shops or donating to clothing bins, can be an efficient way to manage time.

2. Thinking ahead for all seasons

Today’s the day. Spring cleaning is all about making the effort to close the loop on time consuming tasks like heavy loads of washing or alterations. Wash woollen jackets before tucking them away into winter storage or amend the hem of your favourite summer dress you’ve avoided fixing.

With our 10kg EasyCare Front Load Washer (WWF1044M7WA)'s gentle wash action and drum, your heavier clothes and more delicate items are guaranteed to be cleaned with care before you store them away for months. Our cooler clean and PreMix+ technology ensures a balance of pressure and detergent blend, meaning your clothes will be stored without any detergent residue that could ultimately discolour your winter or autumn favourites.

Doing this early on and in preparation for the year ahead only means you’re storing your clothes in their best possible condition. Have mouldy or oddly stained clothes you know you’ll need for next winter? Find more information and expert tips on how you can get rid of mould on your year-round clothes here.

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3. Refresh your ‘someday’ clothes

We all have them – ‘someday’ clothes; clothes that you know you’re going to wear but never know at what moment you’re going to need them. To get ahead of these desperate moments, try our Fast15 wash. Useful for clothes that have developed a stale smell, bits of mould or for that top that’s not dirty enough for the laundry basket but has an odd stain that’s slipped your mind, our Fast15 program can refresh any last-minute, enabling you to get ahead of time while keeping at your spring cleaning.

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