Now is the perfect time to get creative with the kids in the kitchen when it comes to snacks.

Westinghouse has some great ideas for kids cooking that are not only packed with nutrients but are fun and easy to make as a family.


Easy Cheesy Pizza

Making pizzas not only keeps the kids entertained but gets dinner on the table quickly (it’s a win, win!). Have the kids chop loads of different vegetables and grate the cheese before assembling their own individual pizza. Mini pita breads make for the perfect bases!

Easy Cheesy Pizza

Frozen Fruit Kebabs

With the weather heating up, frozen fruit kebabs are a wonderful, healthy and refreshing summer treat. Once the fruit has been sliced and diced, get the kids in the kitchen to thread the fruit on to kebab sticks before popping them in the freezer for 30 minutes or until frozen.

Frozen fruit kebabs

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

Chocolate and bananas are a match made in heaven. Kids will love this activity of making chocolate covered frozen banana popsicles and they can decorate any way they choose – sprinkles, choc nibs or muesli! Start by melting the chocolate. This can be done either in the microwave, or we recommend melting chocolate on an induction cooktop. The precise and adjustable control of induction means the temperature controls can go very low, meaning the art of melting chocolate is within the reach of all home chefs – no more burnt disasters! From there, line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper, peel the bananas and insert a kebab stick into each (lengthways). Dip the banana into the chocolate using a spoon to cover most of the banana and then sprinkle with toppings. Place the bananas on the baking tray and allow to cool and set in the fridge.

Chocolate covered frozen bananas
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