We are all about celebrating your creativity in the kitchen, but when it comes to food storage, there is a right way, and a not so right way…There are only two things to consider when it comes to storing food:

Where is the best place to store?
How long can I store it?

Even though it seems simple enough, most of us have probably tried and failed to store something along the way…and possibly made a bit of a mess in the process.

Some foods like dairy and eggs are a little trickier than others to manage. That’s why we have created this food storage guide for you: so you’ll never have to pop something in the fridge, cross your fingers and hope for the best again.

We’ve laid it out so it’s easy to read, and you can pop it in a drawer and reference it anytime you are not so sure. And lets be honest, who has time to remember every single thing they’d like to. Not us.
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