Every family – no matter the size – needs flexible convenience when it comes to their fridge. Often, we find ourselves emptying our freezer food or moving ingredients to another fridge to make room and adjust our fridge space.

Recent modern fridges give consumers the benefit of rearranging shelving or drawers to allow for larger capacity when needed, offering the flexibility needed to meet your family’s needs. We’ve shared our three ways to personalise your modern fridge features so that you can avoid the commotion of shuffling around contents.

1. The wider settings, the better!

Adapt your family’s mid-week dinner needs with wide temperature settings that allow you to take the headache out of the fridge and freezer shuffle. With a wide range of degrees to choose from, you have the flexibility to alter your temperature preferences to suit your family’s day-to-day ingredients and keep food from spoiling, limiting food waste.

Our FlexSpace Convertible Compartment in our 609L French Door refrigerator (WQE6870BA) has five predefined settings from -23C to +7C. This means you can chill your drinks, freeze your meat or store your deli snacks with the touch of a button for the ultimate convenience!


2. Freezer space is a big investment

Investing in a new, modern fridge with appropriate freezer space is essential to every family. With extra freezer space, you can rearrange your frozen meals to suit your family’s daily routine or weekend occasions.

Place the most important items like this week’s frozen pizza or meat for defrosting in the top drawer and ice cream in the bottom drawer in time for warmer weather. Thanks to our Dual Freezer Storage, you’re able to easily access and fit all your freezer items – especially since summer entertaining and cooking is around the corner.

3. All the space for any occasion

At Westinghouse, we’re all about making life easier. That’s why our 609L French Door Refrigerator (WHE6170BB) is designed with Slide Back and Flip Up Shelves that do exactly that – slide back or flip up fridge shelving! This enables you to fit extra tall items or large platters depending on what your family has on.


Better yet, our fridge comes with shelving that can be manoeuvred to suit your every day and weekend festivities. Need extra room on the top shelf to fit more drinks when entertaining friends? Or maybe you’ve got a birthday event that you’ve prepared a cake for. Whatever the case, our designs and fridge accessories are well-suited to fit any family’s preferences, especially how much storage and space is needed for their day-to-day.

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