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Washing and drying our clothes causes a big impact on both our clothes and wallet. Today we share some simple laundry tips on how to save time without sacrificing the freshness of your clothes. And of course, there are a few wallet-friendly tips too!

1. Do the clothes need to be washed?

We often throw clothes into the wash without giving it a second thought. It could be a pair of pants you only wore for a few hours or a jumper you washed last week. Overwashing an item can damage the fibres, therefore breaking down the fabric and making it look worn.

Additionally, it causes the dye to fade and the item to lose its shape faster. Make sure to inspect your clothes before throwing them into the washing machine to see if they really need to be washed or not. Items such as underwear or gym clothes will need to be washed more regularly compared to items such as a jumper that has been layered.

2. Do full loads or cold washes

Doing full loads of washing is a great way to save not only time but energy, water, and detergent too. Our latest Washing Machine (WWF1044M7SA) features Full Load 60 that lets you wash an entire load in 60 minutes (up to 10kg load), the same time that it takes to catch up on your favourite TV show (it’s a win-win!).

Front Load Washing Machines

Additionally, washing on cold will give you almost the same cleaning power as a warm wash but you use a lot less electricity. Not only that, washing your clothes in hot water can also set in stains more compared to washing in the cold. For a wash at cooler temperatures, our PreMix+ blends detergent with water and pressure sprays it onto the load to reduce detergent residue.

3. Skip the ironing

Not only is ironing a very mundane task it also consumes a lot of energy and overuse on clothes can cause damage. Our latest Dryer (WDH804N8SA) is happy to help with this problem and its auto cool down feature. This benefit reduces wrinkling meaning your load is cool to touch when the program is finished (it is like face cream for your clothes!)

4. Use less detergent

Often, we can add more than the recommended amount of detergent to our washing cycle thinking it will make our clothes cleaner. However, more often than not it will have the opposite effect. Also, continuously adding too much detergent to your wash machine can cause a build of ‘scrud’ affecting the performance of your washing machine. Experts recommend that using a third of the recommended amount of detergent will still give you fantastic results - while saving you money and the environment.

5. Mixing thick, heavy items, with thinner, lighter ones

It can be a time-saver throwing all of your wet clothes into the dryer. Nevertheless, incorrectly drying your clothes can shorten the lifespan of the item costing you more money and time in the long run. As different clothes will hold greater or lesser amounts of moisture, they will dry at different times.

For example, a thin silk dress will dry a lot faster than a thick woolly jumper meaning you could damage one item from over-drying while the other piece is still damp. It is important to dry clothes of similar weights together to avoid this problem. To further prevent damage our SensorDry technology detects when your load is dry enough and ends the cycle instead of just running on a set time, so that you end up with undamaged laundry that's not been over-dried.

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