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Does finding room for everything in your fridge often feel like you’re playing a game of Tetris?

If you’re someone that struggles to make space after the weekly grocery shop or when hosting events, our Westinghouse experts have revealed their tricks of the trade that will help you magically re-organise your fridge and make it feel as spacious as Mary Poppins’ bag!

1. A place for everything and, everything in its place

An unorganised fridge is one that is guaranteed to have limited space, making fridge coordination essential. We recommend starting with a blank canvas by pulling everything out of your fridge and re-categorising. Once you have a plan on how you want to organise your fridge contents, it’s time to re-stock! Your new system make time some time to get used to but, will transform the way you find and store your supermarket goodies.

2. Use extra storage

Don’t restrict yourself to only use fridge storage by adding more! There are a range of different containers that you can purchase to make finding space for everything even easier. By using clear rectangular containers, you can see exactly what is in each and achieve a uniformed look in your fridge. Clear containers also help to combat rolling cans or keep yoghurt pouches neatly stacked together. For occasions where even more space is required for extra tall items or large platters, our 619L French Door Refrigerator (WHE6270SB) has Slide Back and Flip Up Shelves to give you the flexibility to transform the layout of your fridge!

3. Plan ahead

It may seem obvious but planning ahead is a step we often forget. Even the most organised fridge has its limits so, if you have an event coming up or, just know you’re going to need more space than usual, get on the front foot and put a plan in place. One useful feature that makes this even easier is the FlexSpace Convertible Compartment in our 608L French Door Refrigerator (WQE6870BA) that adapts to your needs with the touch of a button*. By selecting from the five predefined settings, you can chill, freeze your meat, or store your deli snacks, taking the headache out of the fridge and freezer shuffle.

*within two hours


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