3 in 10 Aussies admit they have overloaded the washing machine while over 1 in 4 admit they have shrunk something in the dryer. Is this you? Whether it’s shrinking clothes or having to re-wash clothes that you left wet in the dryer, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. At Westinghouse, we were curious to know all about Australian laundry habits and dish the dirt on how your household may be making common, but fixable, mistakes.

In celebration of our new EasyCare Laundry series, we’ve shared our findings below and features that can help you tackle the weekly (dreaded) chore of doing the laundry. How do you fare?

1. We spend HOW much time doing laundry?!

On average, one in five Aussies spends more than four hours doing the laundry a week with women spending more time overall on the process than men. Meanwhile, over one in three Aussies admit they wait more than an hour before getting their clean but wet clothes out of the washing machine, with some waiting more than two after having forgotten about them. You can get ahead of schedule with our EasyCare Laundry series which includes 3 Fast Wash programs to refresh any urgent load that may have slipped your mind in the process.

2. Aussies have tried WHAT when doing the laundry

Did you know that two in five (39%) Aussies have looked to social media for laundry hacks? The most tried is adding vinegar instead of fabric softener to the wash (46%) followed by adding bi-carb soda to whites to remove yellow stains (43%). This shows Aussies are desperate for quick and easy ways to remove harsh stains and make their laundry days just that little bit easier. But you can easily avoid these trial-and-error tests with our EasyCare Laundry range which is packed with UltraMix and PreMix+ features that ensure an even clean and thorough every time, removing even the harshest of stains.

3. Save the hot or cold water debate and just wash

Approximately 10.7 million people (54%) use hot water when doing their household laundry, with over two in five (45%) incorrectly believing hot water is more effective than cold water when washing. For a better wash at cooler temperatures, our PreMix+ blends detergent with cold water and pressure sprays it onto the load to reduce detergent residue.

4. Do you really sort your laundry by colour?

More than half (69%) of Aussies claim their household separates colours and whites for precautionary colour protection. Still, one in four (26%) admit to never separating the two from each other. While some people are living on the edge, we’re here to tell you to keep on separating your clothes to avoid ruining your lighter garments with dye in dark-coloured clothing – especially those school uniforms or work shirts.

5. The battle of the loaders

Forty-five percent of Aussies think there’s a difference between a top loader and a front loader washer. And while the battle between the two continues, our EasyCare Laundry washing machine range provides the same washing performance and energy efficiency across front loaders and top loaders.

Three in five Aussies take into consideration energy and water efficiency when selecting a washing machine. With our auto-water level sensor in our 12kg Top Load Washer (WWT1284M7WA), you’re able to conserve water as it automatically chooses the ideal water level for each wash meaning you’re saving excess water time you wash.

So, as you can see, it all comes out in the wash.

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