Aussie TikTok sensation Air Fryer Guy shares his ultimate guide to air frying
Air Fryer Guy loves a Westinghouse AirFry Oven
Known for his cheery jingles and creative air fried recipes, Air Fryer Guy has created a community of over 700,000 followers that echo his love for the kitchen appliance. We’ve partnered with the beloved TikTok sensation to bring you mouth-watering recipes and handy tips you’ll want on high rotation.

Here, he shares everything you need to know about air fryer – from benefits, to tips, recipes to hacks.

Get double the benefits

People often mistake air frying as a healthier alternative to frying in oil. While that’s true, it’s important to remember that the purpose of air frying isn’t simply to make food healthier but also to help you create meals a lot quicker – you can cook your favourite comfort foods in almost half the time. That’s a win-win.

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Pick your player: bench top or in-built

When choosing between a bench top air fryer or built-in, the biggest difference is size. The Westinghouse Air Fry Oven WVEP618DSC is great because it’s much bigger than a regular bench top air fryer, meaning you can cook bigger portions for larger households, without taking up valuable benchtop space. I also love being able to see my food while it’s cooking, which the in-built option allows. The problem with most bench top varieties is that you have to physically open the tray to check on your food.

Plus, the ability to put the air fry tray from the oven into the dishwasher makes cleaning so much easier and saves lots of time.

Experiment with cooking times

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a new appliance but the best thing to do is use trial and error. My advice? Don’t overthink cooking times. Keep it simple. You will get a hang for it very quickly. One of my favourite things about the Westinghouse Air Fry Oven WVEP618DSC is that it’s super easy to use.

Experiment with cooking times

Your meal prep mate

The air fry oven is my go-to when cooking for family or a large group. If you cook for a group in a bench top air fryer, you constantly have to keep transferring food from the air fryer to a warmer – not ideal when you have friends and family over.

The Westinghouse Air Fry Oven WVEP618DSC has a large air fry tray, allowing for an easier cook. Cooking under a tight time frame can be stressful. I suggest you make something that can cook in the air fryer simultaneously. The trick is to cut food in similar sized pieces. This way, you can cook both the vegetables and meat together and focus on entertaining your guests.

Hassle-free recipes for high rotation

When I say hassle-free, I mean those moments when you’re low on stock or perhaps don’t have time to pop out to the store. To help combat this, egg on toast is the easiest option. You don’t have to cook the egg and toast separately. Just lay a piece of toast in the air fryer then crack an egg on top and it will be cooked in 5 mins. No need to watch it. Another easy one is a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s basically the same premise as the egg on toast but you use two pieces of bread and cheese in the middle. It is so easy and there isn’t much mess to clean up.

Hassle-free recipes for high rotation

Last-minute breakfast, lunch and dinner hacks

Pastry! It’s the answer. The easiest thing to cook in an air fryer is pastry. You can wrap basically anything in a piece of puff pastry, and it will come out golden and crispy. I recently created Chicken Pesto Lasagna Pockets which were absolutely delicious (and easy!) You can also try wrapping a row of chocolate or a chocolate biscuit in pastry. Or even a sausage. It works a treat!

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