ALERT: Product Recall: Westinghouse 60cm 3 burner and 90cm 5 burner black tempered glass gas cooktops

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Appliance Installation*

Westinghouse Customer Care for delivery and installation, your single point of contact until completion.


Fully Qualified Installers

Our professional installers are fully qualified electricians, plumbers and carpenters who have specialised in appliance installation for years. Our team take special care to install and connect your appliances correctly for a seamless fit , ensuring it functions properly and does not void warranty. We will even remove all packaging materials, so it can be recycled.

*Conditions apply. Available in Greater Sydney and Greater Brisbane only.


Peace Of Mind

For your peace of mind, we can be your single point of contact until delivery and installation is completed. You can trust us to deliver the best possible quality of care, every day. That's our promise to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a qualified person to install my new oven or cooktop?

Australian Standards for electric/gas oven installation are used to make sure kitchen appliances are safely used and correctly installed.

For electrical appliances, only a licenced electrician can install as there are electrical circuits and multiple wires involved. The electrician also needs to look into your existing wiring to ensure that your wiring is capable of handling the requirements of your new oven or cooktop. Newer models can often require increased circuitry.

If you need to upgrade your wiring to suit the power needs of your new oven, a site inspection can be arranged to provide a quote to do this.

For gas appliances, ONLY a licenced gas fitter/plumber can install. Gas is dangerous and the gas needs to be connected to the correct gas line and adhere to regulations around minimum clearances for combustible materials.

When the installation is completed, your electrician or plumber will provide you with a Compliance Certificate.

Is installation different to connection?

Yes, a ‘connection’ is plugging an appliance to an existing power supply, or hooking a laundry appliance to available plumbing. Installation is more complex and requires qualified tradespeople (e.g. electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc) to fully install to your cabinetry and connect to services like electricity, gas and water.

Where can I buy accessories for my appliance?

Accessories can be purchased from the Westinghouse Shop or see your Westinghouse specialist retailer. Alternatively please call Customer Care on 13 13 49 or contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Where can I buy spare parts for my appliance?

Spare parts for your appliance can be purchased from the Westinghouse Shop. Alternatively please call Westinghouse Customer Care on 13 13 49 or contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Where can I get a copy of the user manual?

Simply go to User Manuals and type in your model number to download the relevant user manual.

Will my warranty be void if i don’t use a licenced electrician or plumber to install my electrical/gas appliances?

A fully licenced electrician or plumber will provide you with a Compliance Certificate once installation is complete. This document verifies that all work has been performed in accordance with building codes, standards and regulations.

A compliance certificate provides you with protection. Your home insurance can be deemed void if the house or kitchen has burnt down by the appliance because the gas/electrical connections were not installed by a licensed tradesperson.

Your warranty on your appliances may also be null and void if you do not receive a Compliance Certificate.

Can a freestanding dishwasher be installed under bench?

In some cases a “freestanding” dishwasher can be installed under a bench, this is provided the opening dimensions are sufficient to allow the dishwasher to fit, there is no issue installing under a bench given the correct plumbing is connected of course.

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Looking for a manual? Download your appliance user manual here.