ALERT: Product RecallWestinghouse 60cm 3 burner and 90cm 5 burner black tempered glass gas cooktops

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60cm Ovens

Westinghouse 60cm oven roast chicken meal

Programmable Timer

Utilise our handy programmable timer to take charge of your cooking schedule. This feature allows you to establish the desired start time and cooking duration, giving you unparalleled control over your culinary activities.

Family dinners made simple

Family dinners made simple

Indulge your culinary imagination with our 60-centimeter, 80-liter capacity oven range. Its spacious interior easily accommodates large family roasts, allowing you to prepare exquisite feasts. Moreover, this generous capacity allows for the storage of delectable desserts, making every mealtime effortless while infusing it with copious flavours.