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Australian families - whether it be a nest of four or a couple of roommates - are juggling after-school activities, morning workout classes and struggling to keep on top of work-life balance, that’s why Westinghouse has designed innovative kitchen technologies to help.

Being the heart of the home for generations, some of our built-in ovens and freestanding cookers are built in a local factory in Dudley Park, Adelaide. Learn more about it here.

Freestanding Ovens for modern Aussie family kitchen

We know Aussie families can be picky with what they eat and our multicultural landscape means we’re an ever-changing society full of various cooking styles and cuisines. While all of our freestanding cookers are built-in Adelaide, our most recent 90cm Freestanding electric oven and ceramic cooktop (WFE9546SD) and 90cm dual fuel pyrolytic freestanding oven with AirFry(WFEP9717DD) offer AirFry functions for you to create crispier meals, letting you create your chicken souvlaki or naan bread with little to no oil.

built-in oven with Airfryer

Our range for freestanding cookers also offers tiple zones for different pots of different sizes so that when you’re hosting multiple guests, you have the flexibility to split your cooktop zones to cook multiple things at once and adapt to everyone’s food preferences!

Matter of fact, one of our anonymous consumer reviews on our 90cm Dual Freestanding Cooker (WFE916DSD) was, ‘Fantastic delivery service of a good product from a local business’, showing how important it is to Aussies to have an Aussie-built product with the quality they can trust.

Built-in Ovens

Designed with ease and functionality in mind, our built-in oven range is also built in Adelaide. Offering Steam Assist Cooking, our 60cm multi-function 19 Pyrolytic oven (WVEP6918DD) and 90cm pyrolytic multi-function 17 oven (WVEP9917DD) are some of the many built-in ovens that are not only built-in Australia but offer ideal temperature and steam cooking for meat, poultry and fish.

Modern Australian-built Westinghouse oven

While the series is designed to bring out the natural flavours of your next meal, you’re offered an even more modern structure from the outside. With its touch-screen and fully programmable touch timer, now you can adjust your cooking time to suit your busy schedule. The programmable timer lets you plan your start and finish cooking time to the minute so that you can get back to and deliver delicious meals around when suits you best.

With a warranty of two years for Australian and New Zealand customers, you’re guaranteed to make great use of your built-in Australian appliances.

To find out more about our built-in Australia products, be sure to look out for the ‘Built-in Australia’ badge on some of our appliances within the freestanding cooker and built-in oven categories.

Westinghouse freestanding cooker built in Australia