Get the Look


Beau Ryan Frankenstein
Frankenstein: • Oversized black suit • Black t-shirt • Black shoes
Make-Up and Accessories: • Green and black face paint • Black lipstick • Homemade ‘bolt’

Beau Ryan Vampire
Vampire: • White shirt • Black pants • Black shoes • A black cape
Make-Up and Accessories: • Vampire teeth and fake blood (tip: find these at your local costume or $2 shop) • White face paint

Beau Ryan Frankenstein Bride
Frankenstein’s Bride: • White long sleeve dress • Black knee high or ankle boots
Make-Up and Accessories: • Costume make up of your choice • Black wig • Fake cobwebs and spiders (tip: find these at your local costume or $2 shop)

Beau Ryan Mummy
Mummy: • Black long sleeve top • Fitted leggings or long black tights
Make-Up and Accessories: • Rolls of toilet paper • Black and white face paint • Baby powder

Book Week and General Dress Up Ideas

Beau Ryan Tin Man
Tin Man: • Long sleeved grey t-shirt and old jeans – spray painted metallic silver • White sneakers
Make-Up and Accessories: • Metallic silver spray paint (4 x cans to spray paint all clothing and props) • Funnel (painted silver) with elastic tied on to keep in place • Fake axe • Silver and black face paint • Cooking foil to create collar (optional)

Beau Ryan BFG
BFG: • An oversized vest • An oversized white shirt • Oversized pants • Oversized boots
Make-Up and Accessories: • Fake ears (tip: if you are feeling creative, you can make these out of cardboard and stick to a wire headband. Otherwise, you will find these at your local costume or $2 shop) • Double-sided tape • White face paint • Black eyeliner to draw on wrinkle lines

Beau Ryan Sean The Sheep
Shaun the Sheep: • Black long sleeve t-shit • Black tights or leggings • Black shoes
Make-Up and Accessories: • Cotton balls to stick on top • Craft glue • Black eyeliner or paint to draw on whiskers and a nose

Beau Ryan Dorothy
Dorothy: • A blue and white check smock dress • White t-shirt • Red shoes – spray painted with red glitter • White socks
Make-Up and Accessories: • Woven basket • A toy dog (Toto) • Red bows for the hair • Make up (optional)