Get ‘Egg-cited’ for Easter

With Easter just around the corner it’s the perfect time to get creative with the kids. Whether it’s getting crafty for the annual Easter hat parade, decorating eggs or finding some sneaky places to hide the Easter eggs – here are some ideas to get both you and the kids ‘egg-cited’!

The Easter hat parade:

  • Left it to the last minute, with no baby chickens, mini eggs or craft suppliers lying around? Not to worry! Try creating a hat out of newspaper and adding a bunch of beautiful flowers from the garden.


Egg Decorating:

  • Don’t make Easter all about the chocolate. Try decorating chicken or duck eggs. You can use paint or dye to create fun and colourful patterns.

Handy hint: Make sure you boil the eggs first or it could get messy!   


The Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Change things up this year and create a treasure map for the kids. Give each child a map with different clues so the hunt is more challenging and the eggs aren’t found too quickly
  • For younger kids, leave bunny footprints near each of the hidden Easter eggs
  • For older kids, allocate points for each of the different type of eggs. Once all the eggs have been found, the kids need to add up their score and whoever has the highest score is the winner