#Dadhacks with Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan is many things. Former NRL player, The Footy Show star, radio presenter and musical performer. Yet his bio on his Instagram account is perhaps the most telling, reading “Proud Husband And Father.”

It’s here he shares with his 385,000 followers a snapshot into the Beau’s chaotic but joy-filled private world, inside the Cronulla home he resides with childhood sweetheart and wife Kara, daughter, Remi, (5), son, Jesse who turned 1 in July, and an army of invading sultanas. 

“They are all through the car, in the lounge, even the bathroom. I think they are multiplying. No idea where they come from. But it's cool,” Beau, 32, laughs about the familiar mess.

A glance through his feed and it’s clear Beau’s goofball comedy act isn’t just for the microphones. In fact, the people he’s trying to impress the most share his DNA.

“The look on my daughter’s face, and now my son’s, is why I love dressing up. I try to impress and entertain people for a job but it’s them that matter most.

“I get in a lot of trouble off my wife for hyping them up before bed, but that’s all part of the parenting journey,” muses the dad of two.

It’s why it’s not unusual to find all 186cm and 85kg kilograms of Beau, with painted toenails, undies on his head, poured into a tutu, or “sweating bullets” in a poo emoji costume – to get those grins.

“I’m really proud of my kids and that I get to sculpt them into little people. I’m still learning every single day, but I love every opportunity of growing as a family.”

Forget the tough guy league player image, Beau is loving and tactile with son, Jesse, even if it has resulted in some less than pleasant situations.

“I had him above me playing airplanes, and Jesse vomited in my mouth. He was breastfed at the time, so that gave me a fair idea of what breast milk tastes like – more sour than I thought,” he recalls jokingly.

Beau admits that when it comes to life after football, explaining what he does for a living can be tricky.

“When we enrolled Remi for kindergarten, my wife said to the vice principal that I was an entertainer. I knew straight away she’d think I was a stripper, so we had to clarify and say on TV and radio,” he laughs.

With a reputation for gags, and oodles of impersonating experience, we asked Beau for his #dadhacks when it comes to Book Week, Halloween, Birthday Parties and beyond.

Weekend Dress-Ups

  • Put your hand out for hand-me-downs: “We’re fortunate our neighbours are older than Remi and have passed things on.”
  • Revisit old favourites: “Remi loves new things, which could be anything she’s found after losing it for a month under the bed.”
  • Be patient, or find someone who is: “My wife made this Easter hat from scratch and it was unreal. She’s creative and patient, which isn’t like me.”


  • Say boo to minimalism: “Spend $50 at your local dollar shop and you get so many spooky supplies.”
  • Haunt your house: “We treat Halloween as big as Christmas by decorating our home.”
  • You’re never too old: “Get the family involved. Last year, my daughter was a witch, my wife the devil and I went in a scream mask.”
  • Go method: “I used to dress up as Rambo as a kid with proper army gear. I’d hide in trees and put war paint under my eyes. I became Rambo.”

Birthday Parties

  • The rules can wait: “My rule is there should be no rules. Remi can eat as much cake and lollies as she wants because it’s her day. Yes, there are tantrums and highs and lows as she rides the sugar rollercoaster, but that’s what it’s all about.”
  • Involve the guest of honour: “I’m happy for my daughter to make a call about a school friends’ party, celebrating with our family, or going camping which she’s right into.”
  • Go small when they won’t remember it: “We had a massive first birthday for Remi, but doing it again, we’ll have something more low key, then go bigger as they grow older.”
  • Be a cheerleader for free play: “Keep it loose because that’s when the magic happens, but games like pass the parcel, piñata, or little trampolines will fascinate them.”

View Beau’s #dadhacks for getting the look here.