ALERT: Product Recall: Westinghouse 60cm 3 burner and 90cm 5 burner black tempered glass gas cooktops

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Westinghouse Cooktops were reviewed and rated best in Canstar Blue cooktops category in 2022, receiving the only 5-star rating for overall satisfaction.

Canstar asked nearly 500 consumers for their feedback on the cooktops they purchased and installed in their home over the last 5 years. Respondents were requested to rate their cooktop on 7 key factors:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Value for money
  3. Performance and reliability
  4. Ease of use
  5. Design
  6. Ease of cleaning
  7. Features

Canstar Blue cooktop reviews showed Westinghouse cooktops ranked best for overall satisfaction, as well as receiving 5 stars for ease of use.

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