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Gooey Chocolate and Banana French Toast

When it comes to the school holidays, there is always a sigh of relief that for the next couple of weeks there are no lunch boxes to pack, uniforms to iron or early mornings school runs.

School holidays are the perfect excuse to sleep-in, relax and enjoy quality time cooking-up a warm and delicious breakfast with the little ones.

Roll up your sleeves and get the kids cooking in the kitchen with Westinghouse’s gooey chocolate and banana French toast recipe below.

Have fun, make a mess and enjoy!

Gooey chocolate and banana French toast

Serves 4


• 4 tbsp. chocolate spread 
• ½ cup of cream 
• 2 tbsp. caster sugar 
• 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
• 3 large eggs
• 1 pinch cinnamon 
• 8 slices of café style white bread or brioche toast 
• 1 large banana
• 2 tbsp. butter

To serve

• Maple syrup 
• 1 cup fresh blueberries


1. Place sugar, cream, cinnamon, vanilla bean paste and eggs into a bowl. Whisk until well combined
2. Cut banana into 3rds, then each piece into 3 lengthways (you should have 9 pieces in total)
3. Place a chopping board onto the bench. Dip 1 side of the bread into the egg mixture, place the dipped side down onto a chopping board. Spread the side facing up (undipped side) with chocolate spread (all the way to the edge), place 2 slices of banana on the bread
4. Dip another piece of bread one sided into the egg mixture, then place the undipped side on top of the bananas. Press down around the edges
5. Repeat with the remaining 6 slices of bread. You should have 8 sandwiches
6. Heat a large non-stick fry pan to a medium temperature. Place 1 tbsp. of butter into the pan
7. Once the pan is hot, use an egg flip to place 1 sandwich in the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes until golden, then flip and cook for 2-3 minutes the other side
8. If needed, add a little more butter to the pan and repeat step 6 for the remaining 3 sandwiches
9. Cut in half on a plate and serve with lashings of maple syrup and fresh berries

Kids in the Kitchen can:

• Measure the ingredients and whisk the egg mixture together
• Slice the banana
• Dip and assemble the sandwiches
• Older kids (10+) may also help to fry the French toast

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