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Kitchen Hacks Every Cook Should Know!

Between preparing school lunches, school pick up and the soccer run, we know that life is busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our lives are busier than ever. Here are some kitchen hacks to make cooking (and life) at home easier:

• Food preparation: For most of us, Sundays mean leisurely brunches or afternoon catch ups with friends. However, if you can get your food prep done before the start of a busy week you’ll end up saving time and money.

• Get mileage out of your leftovers: If you’re making a delicous soup or lasagna, why not triple the recipe and either portion and freeze, or save and reheat for the next night using the Westinghouse oven ‘Steam Reheat function’. This option will effectively heat the food in a moist environment to deliver top quality results with a minimum of fuss.

• Safety first: It’s hard enough to keep an eye on the little ones, let alone in the kitchen. An induction cooktop helps to keep your cooking environment safer because the heat is only generated in the cookware, so the cooktop surfaces are cool to touch. The surface is also easy to clean, as any spills are simply wiped away which means less clean-up and more family time.

• Cook for the masses: By investing in a large capacity oven, it will mean that you can cook large meals for large numbers with minimum fuss. It also means you can cook extra for the week ahead!

• Stress-free cleaning: With our busy lifestyles, cleaning is the last thing on the to do list, especially the oven. The Pyrolytic function in select Westinghouse models makes cleaning the oven as easy as a touch of a button. You also don’t need harsh chemicals, saving time and effort.

• Plan ahead: A big food shop at the start of the week will allow you to stay organised and plan your meals ahead of time. With big families, fridge space can often be an issue, but the Westinghouse FlexSpace™ refrigeration range is built to adapt to your busy lifestyle and growing family. Designed to maximise storage, flexibility, and meet your ever-changing needs, you’ll be able to fit in all your food and drinks, even with the biggest grocery shop.