Julia Morris’ top secret life-hacks

To celebrate her fellow Aussie mums, Julia Morris has teamed up with Westinghouse to share her top secret life-hacks that help her home life run smoothly (and even help her to snatch a whisper of guilt-free time for herself!).

Featuring plenty of quick and clever solutions when it comes to cooking, parenting and entertaining, Julia’s hacks are a no-nonsense, no-frills approach for the modern parent who is poor on time.

Julia Morris’ life-hacks for being a really, really clever mum (and finding an extra hour in your day to put your feet up):

Entertaining: When guests drop in unexpectedly and even worse, empty handed, serve them the suspect old snacks you didn’t quite get to the last time you threw a party. Plate up those old cheese sticks and the biscuits that have been in the cupboard so long that you can’t even read the used by date. Next time your guests will arrive with armfuls of goodies (or will at least ring ahead!).

Too many cooks…: It’s important to pass on your cooking skills and teach your family how to prepare a meal. It’s great for their self-esteem and ‘boom!' – you’ve just swapped all those solo cooking nights for a family bonding activity. And for those teens who don’t want to participate? Don’t cook, don’t eat. Score!

Banish distractions: Lock the kids’ iPads/iPods/phones away in the FamilySafeTM lockable compartment of your fridge until their homework and chores are all finished.

Stress-free cleaning: On the weekend, tell the family you’re going to clean the oven and suggest they go out for a few hours to avoid the chemical fumes. Once they leave, just turn on the Pyrolytic function (which cleans the oven for you without using any chemicals at all) and enjoy a cuppa and a magazine on the couch in the silence!

Hands off!: Keep hold of all that yummy chocolate you get on Mother’s Day by leaving an almost empty block of chocolate in its wrapper on the top shelf of the fridge and tell no one to touch it… all the while, hide your actual choccy stash in the vegetable drawer (no child would ever think to look in there…).

Finding peace: While preparing dinner after a full-on day, pop on some noise cancelling headphones. You can listen to music if you prefer but if it has been a particularly ‘loud’ day then just place the plug-in ’jack’ in your pocket. No one in the family will speak to you when they see the headphones and you can cook in silence.