Halloween Hacks | Westinghouse

Halloween Hacks

If you’re pressed for time this Halloween, these last-minute hacks are devilishly simple and effective. 

No time to carve a jack-o-lantern? No problem! Just head to the supermarket, pick up the biggest pumpkin you can find and instead of carving it (which can take hours!), get the kids to decorate it. Raid the craft box, stick on googly eyes, paint or draw a moustache and you’ll have one impressive pumpkin!


No costume? Get creative! Beg, borrow or steal from friends or family. Dust off those ‘vintage’ garments that you’ve been saving in your wardrobe but know you’ll never wear. Or better yet, recycle the kid’s book week outfits – just add some fake blood, a wig and they’re good to go!


No candy? While you don’t want to be that parent who hands out muesli bars on Halloween, if you do find yourself with no candy on the 31 October, reach for the kids snacks instead. Just make sure to only give out snacks that are individually wrapped and do not contain nuts. Or, if you’re really stuck, crack open the coin jar and give out 50 cent pieces instead. You’re guaranteed to be the most popular house on the street.