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Families Who Cook Together Stay Together

In most busy households, quality time is few and far between.  Between sport, co-curricular, extra-curricular, music, debating, soccer, screen time and downtime - it’s hard to find a spare 30 mins to spend with loved ones.

Why not turn meal prep, an everyday task, into a bonding opportunity? And as a bonus, you’ll be gifting the declining art of home cooking to your kids!

You’ll be surprised at how helpful kids can be in the kitchen and it’s a great way to reconnect with the family over the dinner table.

Check out our age-appropriate tips to get kids in the kitchen and engaged in the cooking and family mealtime process.


Mother and Child Making Donuts

Kids 2-3 years can:

- Set the table
- Fold napkins or serviettes
- Rinse the fruits and vegetables
- Pick herbs off the stem
- Mash vegetables
- Help with the mixing and stirring


messy kid

Kids 4-5 years can:

- Roll out and knead pizza or bread dough
- Juice lemons and limes
- Crack an egg (into a separate bowl before adding to the main mixture)
- Measure and level dry ingredients
- Arrange the fruit or decorations on top of a cake


kids making cake

Kids 6-9 years can:

- Help to put the groceries away
- Scoop batter into muffin cups
- Peel fruits and vegetables (ingredients that don’t require a sharp peeler or knife like bananas or garlic are good to start with)
- Whip cream or cake mixture with a hand mixer

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