French Door Fridge

Designed To Fit a 90cm Space With a Huge 605L Capacity

Designed to fit neatly into an Australian 90cm kitchen cavity. Clever engineering allows it to be installed with minimum gaps on the sides meaning maximum storage for all your fresh produce.

FlexFresh™ Crisper Keeps It Fresh 

The FlexFresh™ Crisper keeps your fruit and vegetables in optimal condition so you have less trips for the grocery shopping.


Struggling To Keep the Kids Off the Sweet Stuff?

Try hiding them in your Westinghouse FlexFresh™ crisper in a mushroom bag.

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FlexSpace™, It's Size Redefined 

With a busy lifestyle and a growing family, you can always do with more space in your fridge. That's why Westinghouse created FlexSpace™, which is designed to maximise storage, flexibility and access to meet your ever-changing needs. Big enough to handle even the biggest grocery shop, you'll be able to fit in all your food and drinks with ease.


Fridge Struggling With the Demands Of the Fam?

Try this really clever home hack! With the Westinghouse FlexSpace™ system, you can customise your fridge to fit all your family's favourites

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SpillSafe™ Glass Shelves

Toughened glass shelving with SpillSafe™ edges front and back provide a great look with practicality and easy cleaning in mind.

Shelf Spills Causing You Headaches?

Check out this really clever home hack! It doesn't have to be a total wipe-out with our new SpillSafe™ system.

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Healthy Continuous Fresh Water

The Westinghouse French Door Fridge with ice and water helps keep your family healthy and hydrated. With easy access to chilled, filtered water from the slimline in-door water dispenser, no one will need to go thirsty again.

Messy Fridge Layout Making Things Tricky?

Try this really clever home hack! Labelling your FlexSpace™ will eliminate confusion and create more organisation in your fridge!

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Fast ice at the touch of a button

There is nothing more refreshing than freshly crushed ice in your drinks. Now its always available with your fast ice maker. With fast ice production, you'll enjoy cubed or crushed ice from the handy dispenser whenever you need it.

605L Stainless Steel French Door

Designed to fit inside a 90cm kitchen cavity. A 605L frost free French door refrigerator with water dispenser, automatic ice maker, a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish, FlexSpace™ interiors, Spillsafe™ glass shelving & self close drawer.

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